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Sound & Light

Sound and light are the dynamic duo of gatherings; setting the mood and making everything pop like confetti.

Allow us to introduce you to your new best friends! 

Sound & Light

Crisp sound systems not only ensure everyone can hear but also keep the energy high. Thoughtful lighting schemes turn spaces into Instagram-worthy wonderlands, adding depth, drama, and a touch of magic to every corner.

Sound System Rental 

Sound systems – they aren’t pretty; but they sure are necessary.  But, when we talk music; we’re talking enough bass to make your guests groove.  Our top-tier sound systems ensure that every note is crisp, clear, and captivating.  Playlists?  Music streaming services?  Easily supported, and connected to our equipment.  Need microphones and the like for remarks?  No problem.  We have the mixing boards, wireless lavaliers and OG handheld mics to handle any situation.  Pricing upon request

DJ Services

Tap Truck 510 is beyond pleased to partner with our preferred master of the turntables and the mix, DJ Von Wooster.  Von is a bay area legend, whose storied career has included any and every type of event and music style you can imagine.  Whatever you have in mind, he can spin it!

Von is also the proprietor of his newest creation, Vanglorious, the first ever mobile DJ/Multimedia truck of its kind.  Questions about Von, his services, or his remarkable mobile music machine, let us know!


Event Lighting

Event lighting is one of those additions that can take a seemingly ordinary location, and turn it into something magical.  And safe.  There needs to be ample light for guests to easily navigate (without being harsh!) yet soft enough to create an inviting atmosphere.

First and foremost ask, “what time is sunset?”  And secondly, “what are the existing light sources?”  If your event concludes after sunset, you’ll for sure need to address the transition of lighting.  Good news – we’ve got the resources and experience to make this easy!