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Let’s get the party started, and you’re – the boss!
Whatever you have in mind, we have the perfect pourable proposition.

Whether it’s an array of Local Craft Beers, a full blown Aperol Spritz experience, or an on-trend Zero Proof menu, we have you covered – with style!  Click below to read about the many libations we offer.

Beer Packages

Welcome to the Tap Truck 510 Beer Packages, the ideal starting point for beer aficionados and rookies alike! We’ve meticulously handpicked these packages to offer a fantastic range of beer experiences that cater to all palates.

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Other Libations

Our options stretch way beyond just beer.  Wines, Ciders, Seltzers, Specialty Cocktails – you’ll find it all here!

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Zero Proof

There’s more to Tap Truck than just ABV.  Planning a mitzvah?  Kid’s birthday?  Any occasion where a Zero Proof will be the day’s hero?  Here’s where you’ll find our Zero Proof options for any occasion.

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Hot Stuff

Coffee, Tea, and more…..from the Tap Truck!

Don’t get us wrong…we love a crisp, cold and freshly tapped beverage.  But if you think we’re relegated to ONLY cold beverages, we have a surprise:

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Beer – A Brief History

Picture this: ancient Sumerians tipping back pints to honor Ninkasi, their OG beer goddess, around 3400 BCE. Fast-forward toTrappist monks, who obviously whispered secrets to their brews, and turned water into a beverage known to be safer to drink than water itself.

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