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Ready to show your competitive side?  Unleash a team rivalry?  Earn some bragging rights?  We’ve got you covered.

Fun Games

At Tap Truck 510, we know how to turn ordinary gatherings into unforgettable shindigs. Our collection of interactive games for rent isn’t just for having fun; it’s about owning the moment and creating epic memories. From classic lawn games to ginormous board games, here’s the lowdown on our selection.

The Big Three


Unleash your inner champ with Cornhole, the game of precision and team rivalry. Aim for glory and get ready to brag.

Connect Four:

We’ve taken the classic Connect Four and supersized it. Outsmart your opponents on a colossal scale and prove that you’re the reigning genius.

Giant Jenga:

Jenga, but bigger, bolder, and more epic. The suspense reaches heart-pounding levels as you pull out blocks and aim for skyscraper heights.

$150 for the three games

Beer Pong

Beer Pong, where bounce shots and fierce competition reign supreme. Whether you’re a baller or a beginner, prepare for showdowns that’ll be talked about for ages.


Giant Chess

We know, it’s hard to be the reigning Chess Champ with a drink in hand, but we hope you give it your best shot!  Ever played chess in teams?  Even more fun, as the sideline commentary (and scheming) brings out the competitive side in practically everyone!


Giant Checkers

To complement our Giant Chess offering, we present Giant Checkers.   Triple jump your opponent to steal the glory and be be crowned.  Or, devise some rules of your own (i.e. “crown requires DOWN” – cheers!