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Frequently Asked Questions

At Tap Truck 510, we get it – you’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers that’ll light up your event. Let’s dive into these sassy FAQs, so you can plan your epic shindig.

What’s the lowdown on the goods at tap truck 510 mercantile?

Our Mercantile is the spot for swag. We’ve got Trucker Hats, Tee Shirts, Tank Tops, hoodies, stickers,
and pint glasses. These are your must-haves for looking the part and showing your love for Tap Truck

How do I get the party started with tap truck 510?

Booking us is a breeze, and we’re here to make your life easy. Email us at 510taptruck@gmail.
com, or call or text us at 415-571-3919. We’ll be in touch to make your event dreams come true.

Q7: where does tap truck 510 reign supreme, and do you travel for events?

We’re the kings and queens of the 510 area code, which includes Hercules, Richmond, Emeryville,
Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, and Fremont. And yes, we’re up for a road trip – just let us
know where your event is, and we’ll work out the details.

Q8: can I bring my own libations to the tap truck 510 party?

You absolutely can! If you’ve got a special bottle you want to share, bring it along, and we’ll be your
expert pourers.

Q9: What’s the scoop on your cancellation policy?

All the details on our cancellation policy are in the terms and conditions, which you’ll get during the
booking process. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

What’s the scoop on the types of events tap truck 510 can rock?

We’ve got the vibe for all kinds of events! From the most elegant weddings to corporate functions,
birthdays, and more, we’re your go-to beverage crew. If you’re hosting a bash, we’re here to make it
extra special.

What’s the secret sauce that sets tap truck 510’s beverage catering apart?

Picture this: a vintage 1959 Chevrolet Apache truck that adds pure magic to your event. We’re packing
an impressive selection of craft beers, hard ciders, and non-alcoholic options. Plus, we’re all about you – we can customize our offerings to match your style. And if you want to bring your own booze, we’ll
happily pour it for you.

Can I bring my unique event style to my tap truck 510 gathering?

Absolutely, darlings! You can glam up the truck and bar, add your personal flair with custom neon bar
signage, and take things up a notch with custom branded items like cocktail napkins and pint glasses.

Can I snag extra goodies for my event from tap truck 510?

You sure can! We’ve got all the extra bells and whistles, including a killer sound system, chair and table
coordination, space heaters for your comfort, dreamy market lighting, shade umbrellas, and even DJ
services to make your event legendary.